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Elegant Hacker News client for iOS & macOS (Catalyst) built using SwiftUI

Learning a new technology without building a real-world application is hard. Building a Hacker News client teaches you some of its most important aspects. They provide a great API, that makes it easy to get started with a UI-related project. Also I just wanted my own Hacker News client but this sounds way cooler.


  • Browse Hacker News posts (obviously, duh)
  • Read & browse through comments
  • Bookmark your favourite posts
  • That’s about it…

Coming soon

  • Cache bookmarked posts for offline-reading
  • iCloud Sync for bookmarks
  • I’ll also try to implement some kind of way to post articles & comments to HN, but there’s no official API for this so it might be a bit hacky…


1.0.0 – Hello, World!


Year: 2020
Platform: iOS / macOS
Tech: SwiftUI